Concept Film: Kismet Se Milna (A Chance Encounter)

In July of 2010, Cassandra Williams approached us for a concept production, having seen a few productions on our website. She also wanted to take us on for our cinematography services, only she’d already booked with another company. But following our conversations, she decided to opt out of her initial contract to sign up with us instead. And thus began this journey.

And thus began the brainstorming. We met up with both Cassandra and her fiancé Ravi Ramjit and came up with the idea of a Medley themed production that would highlight their relationship from its inception (at their first meeting) to its culmination (in their marriage), using bollywood songs from the 60’s onwards. We’d been waiting to realize just such a production for a while now, and had been waiting for just the right couple to star in it. So when Ravi and Cassandra mentioned the idea, we jumped on board! And boy, did these two prove to be just the couple for such a production:). Well done guys!

Our very first task was to find 9 songs that would aptly reflect Ravi and Cassandra’s connection and chemistry. The second part of course was the preparation for the multiple shoots. Finding the right locations, costumes and pulling off all the right looks for all the different songs was challenging. And filming proved challenging as well as tight schedules loomed large, particularly Ravi’s. But where there’s a will, there’s a way:). We broke the filming down into two parts: the first part consisted of 3 full days of filming and the second, 2 full days of filming. The final product is, I must say, phenomenal. We outdid ourselves, and special thanks goes out to Olga Make-Up, Body and Art for creating almost identical looks to those of the songs we selected. And to Fine Cakes by Zehra, CTC West and Crystal Fountain Banquet Hall, all of whom were a tremendous help in the completion of this project.

And finally, *a round of applause* to the couple: Ravi and Cassandra, may we be the first to say that you two would give any bollywood couple a run for their money:). *Cheers and Applause!*