Cassandra + Ravi – Next Day Edit

In July of 2010, Cassandra Williams approached us for a concept production, having seen a few productions on our website. She also wanted to take us on for our cinematography services, only she’d already booked with another company. But following our conversations, she decided to opt out of her initial contract and sign up with us instead. And thus began this journey.

And thus began the brainstorming. We met up with both Cassandra and her fiancé Ravi Ramjit to that end…the conclusion of which was the concept film ‘Kismet se Milna’ (A Chance Encounter). But enough about that, let’s get down to the crux of the matter: the wedding itself!

It is Film-Style’s philosophy that our team should come to know the couple very well, so that we can produce work that really brings forth the couple’s personality, and that the couple should come to know our team very well so that they become completely comfortable in front of the camera. To that end, we spent well over 30 hours in Skype conferencing with Ravi and Cassandra over the past year—and it certainly shows. Both Ravi and Cassandra were very relaxed throughout each event, i.e. the mehndi, the pooja, and the ceremony and reception.

Hindu weddings are a bright affair as it is but this one was especially so–it was full of life, colour and a lot of fun. And Dream Party Decor‘s decor was, as always: Stunning. So have a look at this Next Day Edit and check out the much anticipated concept film ‘Kismet se Milna’ (A Chance Encounter), tomorrow.