The Story of Mommy, Daddy & I

This is a story of a little girl named Shriana and how a man name Ray fell in love with a woman named Savitri.

Personally, I have never come across a story like this one. If you think it’s emotional to watch it, let me tell you, filming it wasn’t easy.

From our initial meeting with the couple and the little girl, we proposed the idea for this video which sold really well with the couple and Shriana. After that we conversed over emails, and stayed in touch and met a couple of more times so to make everyone comfortable. That made the filming a lot easier, where all 3 of them were extremely comfortable with us.

The slow mo scenes were filmed on 60D at 60fps and then cranked it down in cinema tools to 23.98fps. The interviews were all filmed on 135mm and 35mm. We did have to go back and do some pick up shots with Shriana just so it can fit in with story well.