Raj + Sonali – SDE

Lately, we’ve been doing a great deal of traveling, covering quite a few destination weddings (not to mention a rather big one that’s up and coming ;)). In August of this year, we drove to Montreal to cover Raj and Sonali’s wedding. Raj, who’s in the wedding tuxedo business, drove out to Montreal all the way from North Carolina—and we salute him for it since the drive is about 24 hours. While we know firsthand just how taxing such a long drive can be, having covered a wedding in Charlotte, we can only imagine the strain on Raj, driving as he was to attend his own wedding. 

Raj and Sonali’s wedding was held at the Crowne Plaza. It was a great event to be a part of—a small cozy wedding that began early in the morning, and ended late at night. Our Crew really enjoyed itself, partially because of the wedding itself: the kindness and warmth of the bride and groom, and their friendly, welcoming families. But some of it probably had to do with the locale as well.

Having worked on innumerable projects and weddings, having worked in numerous major cities, we are always on the go, always in a rush. But Montreal was a clean break from that kind of thinking and doing. The families, the other vendors and the city itself, it was all so relaxed, so laid back that we felt that we were working way too fast. It’s a totally different feel over there. But anyways…

Above is the Same Day Edit, shown at the reception: Check it out.