SDE – Melissa & Bruno

Common to all ‘brides to be’ is the aspect of organization. But Melissa was far more than just
organized. She was meticulous. Beginning with our first meeting with Bruno and Melissa,
right up until the final productions, Melissa remained very involved, touching base regularly
in order to ensure that every detail of production was well covered. And of course, it was.

The wedding, held at Luina Station, was as unique as the two people who were united and as
unique as their loved ones and their good friends. It was also a wedding as traditional as any
other wedding, filled with tears and laughter. Tears at the memory of Bruno’s late mother and
laughter at the soccer jokes that often erupted, since half the guests were Italian and the other
half, Portuguese. All in all, it was a wedding to be remembered.

Here is the Same Day Edit, highlighting the reception and the couple’s first dance. This was
shown approximately an hour after their first dance.