Journey to Miami + Bahamas

Deepan who is getting married to Ausra on August 27th & 28th recently booked our cinematography team for their wedding. Deep is a very energetic full of positive energy kind of a guy who likes to do things with a big splash. So was the trip from February 11th-15th in Miami and Bahamas for the couple’s engagement shoot.

The good folks from G&H Photography joined us as they took stills, we documented part of their love story which will be shown on the wedding day.

Unlike other love stories, this one has a little twist in the way it’s told and you will find that out on the wedding day.

Aside from doing our work, all of us had a blast and we all seemed to connect so well that yet we made another group of friends. It’s pretty much been our motto, to make friends out of our clients but I have to say in this case, it was just one of those special friends.

The following is simply a summary of our trip. Hold on to your horses as in coming weeks, we will be showing case a teaser trailer of their love story.